Behind the Scenes Series: The Long Road of Finding My Craft

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and a very motivating Monday to keep you going through the week!

So, if you read last week’s Behind the Scene’s you already know today’s topic! You know that I have gone from A&K Gift Gallery to A.D.Designs to A&K Gift Gallery to Own Something Awesome. So, A&K Gift Gallery has actually survived through all of this, but it’s kind of just a whatever shop.

One-of-a-Kind by A.D.Designs. This was my pride and joy. I LOVED that I could take a bag of wool and a barbed needle and create a little piece of fiber art. I will say, SOOOO much time went into some of these sculptures, but I was always proud of my work. This was the business I had going for me when I left the insurance agency.

Needle Felted Bear Trio

Needle Felted Bear Trio

Scotty the Scottish Terrier

Scotty the Scottish Terrier

What happened? Well, when I became pregnant with my first son, the motion of poking the needle into the wool really fast made me way too nauseous. I was very lucky and had barely any morning sickness, but needle-felting was completely out of the question. Even after the first trimester passed the motion still made me sick. So, currently all of my supplies resides in totes that are stored away. I never brought them out of storage because I didn’t want the kids to somehow find a barbed needle and hurt themselves with it (because I swear, no matter how hard I try to keep things away, they still find things!) It was more a peace-of-mind conclusion. One day, when they’re both older, I hope to needle felt again though, because I found it to be a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Continue reading


Feature Friday – Finding the Undiscovered Part 5!

Well, this Friday we finish up the Finding the Undiscovered feature! I had a great time getting to know all these sellers and seeing all of their great items in their shops!

If you missed any of the Finding the Undiscovered features click here for a list of the previous features.

And just because Finding the Undiscovered is over – does not mean Feature Friday is! For December we will have the Christmas is in the Air features! So be sure to check back next week, and every Friday! 🙂

And on to this week’s Featured Sellers:

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Feature Friday – Finding The Undiscovered Part 4!

Well, Thanksgiving is past us, and Christmas is in the air! Today is a BIG shopping day for a lot of people. It’s Black Friday!!

I wanted to share some specials quick with you for Black Friday/Cyber Monday –

Own Something Awesome
Black Friday – Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY – Receive 25% off your total purchase!
Saturday/Sunday – Coupon Code: FREESHIPPING – Free Shipping on all orders!
Cyber Monday – Coupon Code: CYBERMONDAY – Receive 25% off your total purchase!

A&K Gift Gallery 
Black Friday – Coupon Code: HOLIDAYS10 – Receive 10% off your total purchase!
Saturday/Sunday – Coupon Code: FREESHIPPING – Free Shipping on all orders! (domestic shipping only)
Cyber Monday – Coupon Code: HOLIDAYS10 – Receive 10% off your total purchase!

Visual Remix 
Black Friday – Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY – Receive 15% off your total purchase!
Saturday/Sunday – Coupon Code: FREESHIPPING – Free Shipping on all orders! (domestic shipping only)
Cyber Monday – Coupon Code: CYBERMONDAY – Receive 20% off your total purchase!

Happy Shopping!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! I know our bellies were full! Lots of food and spending time with family. I am very thankful for my family, I don’t know who I would be without them. 🙂 What were you thankful for this year?

And on to Feature Friday! We’re continuing on with my goal to find 10 sellers on Etsy who haven’t really been discovered yet, and try to help them get discovered!

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Feature Friday – Finding The Undiscovered Part 3!art

The holidays are drawing near, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, and then the prep for Christmas begins! My husband, son, and I head out to a couple Thanksgivings all within a couple hours of each other every year, so by the time we get home, we’re definitely stuffed! But, since we go to a couple places on Thanksgiving, and after we got married I wanted to start having a Thanksgiving Family Feast for just our family, we actually have a little Thanksgiving feast here usually about a week after. It seems like A LOT of turkey for 2 (now 3, and soon 4) people, BUT, we freeze a lot of the turkey and come up with all kinds of different ways to use it. What kind of dish are you making to pass around at your Thanksgiving feast?

This is the last Friday before Thanksgiving, next Friday will be Black Friday! For this Friday we continue on with finding 10 sellers on Etsy who haven’t really been discovered yet, and try to help them get discovered!

So on to our Featured Sellers!

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Feature Friday – The Family Feature!

So for this week, we are taking a break from Finding the Undiscovered – but no worries, we will continue on through the rest on November with them. 🙂

This week I wanted to share all the different shops my family has on Etsy. I come from a family that’s all pretty creative, and all have a bit of entrepreneurial blood in them. My family has been my inspiration through all of this, and was gave me the idea of starting my own business in the first place. I always knew I wanted to do something business-related ever since I think about the 3rd grade, I just never knew what. Then my senior year in high school I wanted to be an accountant, and that’s what sparked the idea of being my own boss. Well, after my first year taking classes, I then decided I wanted to go a completely different route and re-find my creative side. Where better to look for inspiration than from family who was already doing what I was dreaming of one day doing? Then, just this past year, I finally was able to recruit my husband into the world of Etsy as well! He’s always supported me with my business endeavors, but it was really exciting when he decided to join the Etsy world too and now we can stay up talking about different business related things, ways to improve, and what we would like to do with our shops in the future. Anyways, that’s just a little background. Here are the shops and a little bit about each of them!

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