Craft Shows 101: The Day Before the Show

Craft Shows 101 The Day Before the ShowThe day before the show is a great time to make sure everything is ready to go. The day of the show will be eventful enough without scrambling at the last minute to try and get everything together.

First thing – your change box or cash register. Make sure this gets checked before the bank closes. You will want to have plenty of change on-hand for the length of the show. If it is a high traffic show, it may be a good idea to also have a locked drop-box so you don’t have a large amount of money sitting in your cash register the whole time. I’m not usually too concerned about this at the shows I attend; however, you can make your own mind up about which option you feel most comfortable with.

Check that your table coverings are wrinkle-free. Table coverings that are not wrinkled will give a much neater, welcoming impression. If you are unable to clean your table coverings at home, you may want to check this a couple days in advance. This will allow enough time to take them to a dry cleaner, if needed. The type of table cloth and table skirt I use wash up very nicely in the washer and dryer, so I keep a small garment steamer on hand for in between washes when there is just a few wrinkles that need to come out.

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Craft Shows 101: Finding the Right Show for You

Craft Shows 101 Finding The Right Show for You

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When you start to find shows in your area, or where you’re willing to travel to, you will notice there are different types of shows.  You will find non-juried, juried, gift shopping/holiday, and art shows. 
There could be more, but these are generally the kind you will come across.
Now, you’re probably wondering what the difference is, so let’s go over them.
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Craft Shows 101: Where to Find a Craft Show

Craft Shows 101 Where to find a craft show
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When looking for a craft show, you will want to find the right show for you. For example, if you’re selling high-end, higher-priced pieces, you may not do very good at your local high school bazaar. (But if you do, props to you!) You will also want to do some research after finding a show before signing up for it. Let’s start with finding a show though.
There are many options out there for organizers to advertise their upcoming shows. You could start by looking in your local newspaper or watch for signs advertising a show. If you attend a show, you could also ask for the event organizer to send you the information for future shows they have planned.
Local newspaper, signs around town, Facebook, Google, Craigslist, attending a show as a guest, talking to other vendors at a show you’re at – these are so many different ways to find a show.

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Craft Shows 101: Intro

Craft Shows 101

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Are you already starting to sell at craft shows but think you need to up your game? 

Well, I have just the thing for you!

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It’s Craft Show Time!

So, if you’re in the Frankenmuth, MI area on Saturday, you should definitely check out this craft show at:

Frankenmuth High School 
Saturday,  November 17, 2012
10am to 4pm

My mom (owner of TKCT and All4Blythe) and I were on a waiting list for quite some time so we didn’t think we would end up getting in. Well, lo and behold, on November 4th, we found out we had a table! 

So, what have I been up to? Well, since I didn’t think we would get in, I wasn’t that prepared. When we were accepted, I realized how tiny my inventory really was! I’ve been trying to crochet as much as possible since that day (Nov 4) to make sure I had some kind of display! 
Now I have a pretty decent inventory, and everything is priced and ready to go! 

If you do stop by the show, make sure to find our table – everything is priced at a Show Special Price – at least 25% off! Also, some other great tables to check out – Puppets by Margie and CarvingbyTom

This is also the perfect opportunity to get some of that Christmas shopping done and support local artists by buying handmade! 

My mom will be tending our table. I might not be able to be there due to my husband’s work schedule and having a 21-month-old to take care of, but if my husband ends up having the day off for some reason, I will definitely be there and would love to meet you! 🙂

Have a great rest of the week! And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Feature Friday

Feature Friday – Finding The Undiscovered!

So for this week, my goal was to find 10 sellers on Etsy who haven’t really been discovered yet, and try to help them get discovered! 🙂

The holidays are just around the corner, and instead of going to your regular places for presents (like the mall) why not check out some of these great shops, and support the handmade community! These aren’t just your ordinary gifts you buy, these items are made with care and sellers take pride in their work. Feel free to click each shop, they will open up in a new window so you don’t miss out on the other shops! 🙂

So on to the 10 featured sellers this week:

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