So long 2014, Hello 2015!!

Did everyone have fun bringing the new year in? My night was spent with my 3 favorite guys, a fancy dinner we made at home, and some banana splits. 🙂
I feel as though even though 2014 may have not been the best year, it definitely wasn’t the worst. It was one of those in between years that just go by. But at the same time, in 2014 we laid the foundation and created a staircase for everything we will achieve in 2015. Now we start to climb those steps.
My goals for 2015 are:
To slowly incorporate more healthy options into our food choices.
I feel all at once will just lead us back to the same habits.
To continue to get healthier – mentally and physically.
Mentally – Everyone has bad days, weeks, even months. But even then, when everything is spiraling out of control, you can always find something to smile about. Something to keep you moving forward. It’s all in perception and I’m going to continue to look for the beauty in the world.
Physically – well, its come to a point in my life where I actually should make exercise a habit. Even 10 minutes a day is better than nothing until it just becomes routine.
To get the house organized
We have a pretty good thing started in this department now. We just need to keep going and finish getting the rest of the house organized. And really, when everything isn’t complete chaos in the house, mental well-being is usually better as well.
To Build My Business Up Further.
Make more items, have more sales, the usual. If I keep building it up every year, when both Elijah & Seth are in school, if I build it up enough before then, I can focus solely on my business, instead of going back to work – whether it be part-time or full-time. (Full-time if I’m making as much as right now, part-time if I’m making more, and none if I’m making a decent income on my own, which is my dream.) In 2014 I did expand my product line to include soy tarts and votive candles. I’ll have more on that in a future post.
To take a trip every month with my family.
Even if it’s a day trip to the state park, having a picnic and walking the trails, or pumpkin farms, the Santa House, whatever. Just a small trip somewhere works 🙂 (although, I need to get creative for these current cold months). But also, not spend too much, because with the right budgeting, we’ll be out of debt by the end of this year or beginning of next year)
To just live every day to the fullest!

We only have the life we are living now.. Why not make the best of it?

“Follow Your Bliss and The Universe Will Open Doors For You Where There Were Only Walls.” – Joseph Campbell

How did you bring in the New Year?
What are your resolutions for 2015?


Elijah is 6 months old!

A quick little update today – 

I just wanted to share, that Elijah is 6 months old today! Wow! The last 6 months have just flew by! 

Elijah is doing great. He eats a ton, and loves his fruits and veggies (the ones he has tried so far) and he just keep growing and growing! He’s almost in the same size clothes as Seth… He rolls both ways, loves his new jumperoo, and is just an all around pretty happy baby unless he needs something. 

(See that awesome bib on the left? My mom made that for him! Possible future product for one of our shops!)

And, another thing about today’s date.. In exactly one year, my youngest brother will be getting married! Yea, that makes me feel old too. But he found someone who is really great, and I am so happy for them both. 🙂 
Tomorrow is another Feature Friday, and I am working on getting some more blog posts going. I know things have been a bit slow around here. But did you check out the awesome Guest Blog Post we had yesterday? Those cupcakes sound pretty delicious! 

Have a great Thursday everyone! 

New Year’s Resolutions – February’s Progress

1) BE HEALTHIER – This month I have been part of the Heart Racer challenge

2) BE MORE ORGANIZED –  As seen in this post I now have a new book shelf so my computer desk will not be so cluttered! 🙂  

3) HAVE A DATE NIGHT – yep, still didn’t happen lol

4) GET OUT OF DEBT –  I paid off the medical bills! 🙂 

5) TAKE MORE PICTURES – This did happen! I took more with my camera, and I got a fancy new phone and have been taking a lot of pictures of the kids with that 🙂 

6) HELP OTHERS MORE – Still working on this one. 

7) COUPON MORE – Remembered to actually buy newspapers  🙂

8) SAVE FOR VACATIONS –  Slacking on this one.. 

9) POST MORE ON THE BLOG – Accomplished 🙂 

10) EXPAND MY BUSINESS – Still on hold. 

Seth is 2!!

Oh my goodness!! It’s so hard to believe that Seth is 2 already!  It doesn’t feel that long ago I was in the hospital and he had just arrived, and here we are already, 2 years later. And he’s not even the baby anymore – because as you all know,  we had Elijah in December.  But I tell Seth he’s still my baby 🙂
So, in celebration of his birthday, I’ll share some pictures!


And what does Seth like at the age of 2?
Favorite Food: Apples, bananas, oranges, and recently cupcakes and cake. We never not have apples in our house anymore. He needs to have one daily.
Favorite Activity: Drawing circles, and writing “Seth”.
Favorite Shows: Pingu, Super Why!, and recently Dora the Explorer.
And to note: he’s also an escape artist, had recently learned he can open the fridge, and is a little dare devil. (He will try climbing on everything and anything now).

What’s Been Going On Around Here

So, what have I been up to?

Well, I’ve been trying to add new things to the Blog lately. My goal is to make it more awesome, easier to navigate, and just have everything nice. It may not be very big right now, but I have ideas in my head, some written down, and my hopes is they someday it will be awesome. 

I’ve also been doing quite a bit of research on the legal aspects and such. Who knew there was so much to learn!
And then I was thinking, I should start linking up to some parties. So, that’s been happening as of last night. 🙂
Then around the household, my husband decided he was going to be doing a whole life transformation. Eat healthier, be healthier, do more things in life, and not worry about what others have to say anymore which holds him back from things he really wants to pursue. So, first things first, we’ve been making healthier meals, eating smaller portions, and then we’ve been working on the house.
As for house, my new thing in my head is, if I don’t find an area in my house suitable to picture and post on the blog, something needs to be done there. We started with my “office area”. (You know, the corner of the dining room area that is actually our computer room). And now I have a new bookshelf! If you follow me on Twitter you might have come across a picture of my small very cluttered desk.  Between everything I do online, plus all of this bills and pretty much everything important in our household, my desk gets really cluttered REALLY fast. The book shelf is going to hopefully help prevent this!  🙂
And currently, I think that’s all that has been happening around here.  Until tomorrow – my oldest son turns 2!! I can hardly believe it!  I’m sure you’ll see a new post on that tomorrow though 🙂

Have you been working on any big projects lately? I’d love to hear about them! 

Seth watching his fish in the new fish tank (30 gallons) while my husband sets up the bookshelf 🙂 

What Are Your Dreams?

Another photo for The Heart Racer Challenge:

What are your dreams?
-This is open to anything and everything, include on fitness/health dream! Be creative.
(Notice I did this right before the Blog had a Makeover!)

My Answer: 

For my Dreams, they are a bit scattered.. but overall…
On the left are my 2 etsy shops and my blog. I want to one day have them be awesome and built up and be really successful 🙂 
On the right, from top to bottom..

My dream is to buy a nice house with some land and have a pole barn (for my husband)
When I own a house, I want to be more self-sufficient – raise some of my own animals for consumption, have a garden for fresh veggies, and chickens for eggs. 
Fresh Start – kind of self explanatory but my husband and I want to get debt free and then move into a house and start over fresh.. without making the same mistakes we did before. (debt, eating habits, etc.)
I want to travel someday, not necessarily out of the country, but at least around the United States to see all different things. 
Also, I want to go to Vegas someday with my husband because when he went for work, I had Seth a week before so I wasn’t able to go with him, and he really wanted me to go someday to experience it because he liked it so much.
And to lead a much healthier life, eating & exercise, so that I can grow old with my husband 🙂

What are some dreams that you have? 

Why Are You Doing This?

Back to the Heart Racer Challenge..

First “Photo of the Day” was: Why Are You Doing This? 

And My Explanation:

My biggest motivator is my kids, and that is why I am here and doing this.. to start being healthier and to get into the habit of a healthier lifestyle. I want my children to grow up with healthy eating habits, activity levels, etc. They get 2 spots in my picture for being the biggest motivators 🙂 
Then, the pictures pretty much state the rest of the reasons 🙂 Get fit, eat healthier, feel better emotionally and physically, and eventually feel confident with who I am and know I am improving myself daily 🙂

So, what are YOUR motivators for leading a healthy lifestyle???