Craft Shows 101: The Morning of the Show

Craft Shows 101 The Morning of the ShowYou’re awake, you’re anxious and excited, and it’s time to get ready!

Take your shower, have your morning coffee, do your hair and make-up (if applicable), and be ready.

If you’re setting up the morning of the show, you may want to do what I do. I wear a nice t-shirt and jeans, (I still want to be presentable when I check-in with the organizer) and take the clothes I want to wear during the show. Most mornings I eat on my way to a show, so if something spills or drips, I’m not as worried about it. (I’m not going to lie, I am a messy eater, even when I am trying to be careful.) This has also come in handy on mornings when it is raining, or the combination of snow and salt are collecting on the bottoms of my jeans. Basically, taking my show clothes ensures me that I’m still presentable come show time, regardless of what went on that morning.

Make sure you do a double check and have everything you will need for the day. Don’t forget your drinks and lunch.

Now, head out to your car, put on some high energy music, and get pumped on the way to your show!

October is the start of when I start attending craft shows again. Are you attending any this weekend?


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