Behind the Scenes Series: What the Future Holds

From crocheted wash cloths and scrubbies to soy wax tarts – What is next for Own Something Awesome?

Well, for starters, I need to move to a bigger house! As I mentioned in Behind the Scenes: The Long Road of Finding My Craft there is not enough room here for anything else!

I want to keep adding to the fragrance selection for the tarts. My goal is to always keep in stock the fragrances I currently carry and then to continue adding more until I reach 100. After I reach 100 different fragrances, then I think I’ll introduce a new scent each month with the possibility of extra scents around certain seasons.

After we have moved, and I have my own workshop, (so we’re talking a couple more years here) I want to expand into the bath & body products. I have wanted to do this for a couple years now, but I don’t want certain ingredients in the house with the kids. (Lye is some pretty scary stuff.)

What I start with, I’m not sure yet, because I know there will be a lot of trial and error regardless of which product I pick. I really look forward to making these items in my future though.

I have been asked about candles, and I MAY start making some container candles for local customers in a few scents, but I don’t think I’ll expand beyond that until my husband builds his forge and starts blacksmithing. (This also is a when we move project that he’s been wanting to do for years.) We than talked about how he could make up some candle holders for me, and then I’ll make some pillar candles at that time to go with them.

I have some other ideas in mind for wax products as well, but
1) I need more storage space for the completed items
2) They are even messier projects and I don’t want wax all over my kitchen
SO, those will probably wait until I at least have a little shed to work out of.

What I hope to offer sooner, rather than later, is some dual scented wax cube. I already have some silicone molds. I just need to buy the right type of packaging for them, and figure out some good fragrance combinations.
Soy Wax Melt Cubes

Have a product in mind you would like to see offered by Own Something Awesome?
Have a favorite scent combination I should add to my list?
Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you! 


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