Behind the Scenes Series: The Long Road of Finding My Craft

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and a very motivating Monday to keep you going through the week!

So, if you read last week’s Behind the Scene’s you already know today’s topic! You know that I have gone from A&K Gift Gallery to A.D.Designs to A&K Gift Gallery to Own Something Awesome. So, A&K Gift Gallery has actually survived through all of this, but it’s kind of just a whatever shop.

One-of-a-Kind by A.D.Designs. This was my pride and joy. I LOVED that I could take a bag of wool and a barbed needle and create a little piece of fiber art. I will say, SOOOO much time went into some of these sculptures, but I was always proud of my work. This was the business I had going for me when I left the insurance agency.

Needle Felted Bear Trio

Needle Felted Bear Trio

Scotty the Scottish Terrier

Scotty the Scottish Terrier

What happened? Well, when I became pregnant with my first son, the motion of poking the needle into the wool really fast made me way too nauseous. I was very lucky and had barely any morning sickness, but needle-felting was completely out of the question. Even after the first trimester passed the motion still made me sick. So, currently all of my supplies resides in totes that are stored away. I never brought them out of storage because I didn’t want the kids to somehow find a barbed needle and hurt themselves with it (because I swear, no matter how hard I try to keep things away, they still find things!) It was more a peace-of-mind conclusion. One day, when they’re both older, I hope to needle felt again though, because I found it to be a great way to wind down at the end of the day.

A&K Gift Gallery then was my focus. Usually sewn items (which my mom actually helped me with) and then crocheted items, and now patterns and digital prints. It really is my whatever store for when I want to make something that doesn’t fit the scene for my real business plans.

Wool Felt Rose Pins from A&K Gift Gallery

Wool Felt Rose Pins from A&K Gift Gallery

While I was pregnant with Seth, and could no longer needle felt, I started crocheting. I helped crochet some of the wash cloths that were used for prizes at my baby shower. When people were complimenting them to me, I decided maybe I should make more and start selling them. As for the scrubbies, that was just delivered to me. (Literally, the netting was delivered to my door.) My aunt asked me if I could make her some, and I said I could try. That day on her lunch hour she left 5 different colors of netting at my door. (I was napping and the door was locked – Seth was a horrible sleeper and naps were essential.) When she loved them, I decided to go buy more netting and make some more. After selling to friends and family for a while, I then opened up Own Something Awesome on Etsy.

I was just going to stick with crochet until my family and I moved, due to not having much space for storage of finished products, but I convinced my husband that the clamshell tarts wouldn’t take up much space so I could start those now and expand later when we actually do move. (We live in about 750 sq.ft., with 2 bedrooms.) Well, what a big lie that was! Half my kitchen dining area is full of supplies that I use to make the clamshells. (Which are stored neatly in an organizer box on a shelf not taking up too much space!)

So that pretty much covers all of my shops. I will say, Own Something Awesome is here to stay. I actually still have more plans for the future (some of which I’ll share next week) that I’ve had planned since 2009. I wrote up a whole business plan back in 2009 when I would dream of everything Own Something Awesome is now becoming!

Do you have any big dreams you’re working toward? Let us know in the comments below!


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