Behind the Scenes Series: What I Did Before Own Something Awesome

Did you know the average person will make a career change 5-7 times during their life? 

Well, I wouldn’t consider most of my jobs a career, but I left the actual workforce at a pretty young age (about a month after my 22nd birthday.)

We’ll start with my first job. Good ol’ McDonald’s. Where I lived, it seemed there was one of two places to get a job – McDonald’s or the grocery store. I was 15 and was bound and determined to find a job so I could buy a car as soon as I got my driver’s license. (This didn’t happen. I passed my driver’s test on my 16th birthday and drove a full-size van all summer – which I WAS thankful my parents had it laying around.)

From there, I worked at a church office (co-op job through skill center), a country club, the college I received my degrees at, the SOUPer cafe, Movie Gallery, a Tim Horton’s, and FINALLY ended up at an insurance agency. This seems like a lot of jobs in a 6.5 year span, but some were in conjunction with another. (I was paying for my tuition out of pocket, a car payment, and other bills – 1 job wasn’t covering it all.) Also, I started a form of A&K Gift Gallery with my mom. We started a membership with a supplier and sold items. This actually helped pay for all of my books my first semester.

When I started working at the insurance agency, that was it. I loved my job, the people I worked with, and it was the highest paying job I ever had. (No more working night or weekends for me!)

Eventually there came a point though were I wanted other things in life. A family of my own, business of my own, a different lifestyle. Now, why I left the insurance agency when I did have more to do with personal reason than business reasons. (Any anyone reading this who really knows me has heard the story probably more than once, and is probably tired of hearing it.) So we’ll leave it at that.

I will say, before I left my job, I was already creating and selling on eBay, and trying to get started on Etsy. So, in short –
A&K Gift Gallery -> selling supplied items
A.D. Designs was born -> needle-felted sculptures
A&K Gift Gallery -> supplier membership cancelled. I used the name for a 2nd Etsy store for anything not needle-felted.
THEN Own Something Awesome! – the end result.

So that’s the history! Next week I’ll share with you why my needle-felting faded away, news about A&K Gift Gallery, and conclude with Own Something Awesome.

Stay Tuned!


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