Behind the Scenes Series: The Name Own Something Awesome

Do any of my Etsy Veterans remember the Virtual Labs they offered? You could move your icon around to a “seat” and throw hearts around the room?

So my story kind of begins in 2009. But Own Something Awesome really originated in August of 2011. In fall of 2009 I already had left my position as an Insurance Agent, and was trying to build my business to full-time income. (Or let’s be honest, even part-time income and I would have been ecstatic.)

Needle Felted Dalmation and Turtle Character

Needle Felted Dalmation and Turtle Character

While attending almost every virtual lav that was offered, a topic that came  up quite often was shop names. You wanted a name that was easy for your customer to remember.I was OOAK by A.D.Designs. This was a shop for my needle-felted sculptures. Then a shop for everything else was A&K Gift Gallery. Not the most awesome of names, but that’s what I had to work with.

Flash forward to August of 2011. I had Seth by this time, and wasn’t needle-felting anymore, but crocheting. (More on that transition at another time.) I was sitting in a virtual lab listening to people talk about how you want to make people excited to buy your product using the product description. I sold wash clothes and scrubbies. How many people get excited about a wash cloth?

That’s when I started writing down all kinds of positive words and I came across Stupendous. I don’t know why, but I absolutely LOVE this word! So that’s when I came up with “Be Stupendous! Own Something Awesome today!” I loved it because my business name could grow with me as my business grew and I added more products. Then I could expand and say Own Something Awesome for the home, Own Something Awesome for your kitchen, etc.

I just loved it because the possibilities seemed endless, and every time I think of it, it’s always in this overexcited voice in my head, or as I tell my husband, it’s Own Something Awesome because I made it, and I’m pretty awesome. (Which usually he then just laughs and shakes his head, and says something like “you keep telling yourself that.” Yeah, he loves me.)

So now you have it! That is the story behind the name!

Also, just wanted to say a quick shout out to my youngest brother – Happy Birthday Zack!

If you’re an Etsy seller – How did you come up with your name? Let us know in the comments below! 


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