It’s The Spring Cleaning Sale!!

So I know I just posted not even 24 hours ago that I was going to have a sale starting April 1, but then as I sat here crocheting, trying to use up my current yarn supply, I was thinking “Well, it’s already Spring, so why wait?!?”

So yes! The sale is up and running at OwnSomethingAwesome on Etsy

The sale will run through April 30th until 11:59pm EST.

And time for the details! 

It’s Spring Cleaning Time!
Time to clean out the old inventory so you can have some new options! All while providing you with great deals on awesome products to get your spring cleaning done quickly, yet still effectively! 

For 10% off any Sale use coupon code – SpringSale10
For 20% off Sales over $10 use coupon code – SpringSale20
For 30% off Sales over $20 use coupon code – SpringSale30
For 40% off Sales over $30 use coupon code – SpringSale40

Some more items will be added throughout the month as I go through all of my inventory and see what is not listed, but if there is something you see that you want, I don’t recommend waiting too long because sometimes I can no longer get the colors to make any more. 
Happy Spring Everyone! 

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