New Year’s Resolutions – January’s Progress

1) BE HEALTHIER – This month I worked on skin care, because being healthier most people just think food wise, I’m going overall wise. Dry skin is not healthy skin, so this month I actually splurged and bought the GOOD night face cream that I use to use when I lived with my parents (mainly because my mom bought it for herself and I’d use it lol). and I got a good exfoliating face wash. Within a day, I noticed a difference.. Much smoother skin, and not so dry!

2) BE MORE ORGANIZED –  Well, since it was the first month, I worked on planning out my day planner. Figuring out my to-do lists each day (I’m a list person, otherwise I get side-tracked a lot!) so, on paper – everything is organized. As for implementing it, well.. I’m working on it still. 🙂 Next month will be working on getting a portable file cabinet and keeping everything organized for taxes next year, business documents, etc.

3) HAVE A DATE NIGHT – Well, this didn’t happen this month with just Daniel & I; however, we did have a couple dinners out with the kids, which was really nice. And both kids were actually excellent through the entire meal. 🙂

4) GET OUT OF DEBT – Besides paying our normal amount on things, not much closer on this yet.

5) TAKE MORE PICTURES – I actually have been taking my camera out with me, and have been taking more pictures of the kids around the house too. 🙂 So this month, this was accomplished! 🙂

6) HELP OTHERS MORE – I can’t think of anything I did really out of the norm, a lot of days were cold, so I didn’t really leave the house much on those days, and the warmer days when we did go out, our time is limited before we need to be back home due to the kids, so soon I will figure out something to help others more.

7) COUPON MORE – Shopping wise, haven’t used many, but I did remember to get my newspapers all but one Sunday. One Sunday it was all cold and the roads didn’t look great. Even though the gas station is only about 2 blocks from my house, neither of us wanted to drive there.

Goal: $400 a month
Saved This Month – $0. Yea, we didn’t do good on this one. We kind of spent quite a bit this month getting things we’ve been putting off for a while.

Future Vacation Plans:
*By the end of 2013 I want to have enough money saved up to take my family to Great Wolf Lodge. 
*May 30, 2014 is Daniel and I’s 5 year anniversary, and we want to go back to Petoskey because we had so much fun there on our honey moon.
*And by the end of 2018 I want to have enough money saved up to take my family to Disney World for a week! 

9) POST MORE ON THE BLOG – Before the regular weekly post was only Feature Friday. This month I’ve also added in Thursday’s Treasures, and To Be Loved! (Saturday’s post). I have more ideas for in the future though.

10) EXPAND MY BUSINESS – Well, if you read “Where Has The Time Gone?!” you have seen some new things I added to A&K Gift Gallery. Other than that, no big expanding has happened yet.

And there’s my update on my Resolution Progress so far! How have you Resolution’s been coming along?! 🙂

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions – January’s Progress

  1. Awe, I feel for you. I have some similar goals and, unfortunately, similar results. But, just keep at at. Hopefully by posting here it will help you stay on track. As for your vacation, figure out how much you want to save, then break it down monthly and weekly. Smaller goals are easier to achieve and will give you the momentum you need to keep going.


  2. Hi Alicia,
    OMG i totally feel for you. I really have to work on 3,4 and 10. Congrats on your second baby!! I have a 3 year old son, and he is taking most of my time. can't imagine how it will be with 2 or 3 babies.
    Here is my blog if you feel like taking a look.



  3. Thank you! and the day is definitely crazy around here with 2 under 2! haha. But then they finally go to sleep, and I get to sit down for an hour to reflect on what got done, what didnt (this list is usually longer lol) and plan out what I want to do the next day 🙂


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