So Long 2012!

Ah, yet another year has come and gone… How did 2012 treat you??

2012 wasn’t bad for me… it had it’s very high ups and very low downs though.. The major events of 2012 for me.. (If I forgot anything I apologize in advance)…

February – Seth turned 1! We had a big party for him at a hall and invited all the family to come celebrate with us! 🙂

March – I joined a gym! That was exciting for about 6 weeks, until this next event you see.. then I was told I couldn’t work out anymore…

April – found out I was pregnant on April Fool’s day! I had to reassure my mom when I told her, that I was being serious and it was not an April Fool’s joke lol.

May – May 5th is my younger brothers birthday. This was the first birthday since my brother had passed away.

So, we still did something for his birthday.. we all went to my parents house, had some good food, and then had a bonfire after. (also, it was FREEZING out!) And, then fire got me! It burned my hair, but luckily the damage was not too bad.. it was repairable.. but I did cry lol.

Also in May, at the age of 24, I found my first gray hair, also another devastating moment for me.

And lastly, on the 30th my husband & I celebrated our 3 year anniversay! 

How did we celebrate?? We went to the hardware store and bought this! 

June – I celebrated my 25th birthday! =)

August – Daniel opened his first Etsy shop – Visual ReMix!

(this photo is courtesy of GameTraders)

September – On the 12th was the one year mark of my brothers accident. I remember this morning very clearly still, even though I hadn’t slept that night at all. Seth wouldn’t go to sleep, then when he finally did there was only an hour left for me to sleep before I had to get up to take Seth to the doctors anyway.. So I just stayed up and got ready early.. My mom was coming to town because my husband was working, and we only have one vehicle. All I did was text my mom that morning asking if she wanted to go to McDonald’s for breakfast because I had coupons… Then I got the phone call… 

October – the 21st was our dating anniversary.. this year is the 7th year we’ve been together! 
And also in October – on the 22nd my youngest brother proposed to Allison! (and I get to be in their wedding! 🙂 haha)

DecemberElijah was born! =)

And now on to 2013! I have lots of resolutions, goals, and plans for this new year.. but that’s for tomorrow’s post! Until then, tonight I am going to bring in the New Year with my little family of 4 by having some yummy food and then enjoying some banana splits! =) 

How are you spending your New Year’s Eve??? 

Happy New Year Everyone!! 


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