Feature Friday – Christmas Is In The Air Part 2!

Only 11 more day’s until Christmas! Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Or have you even started Christmas Shopping yet? When I was younger (about 16 or 17) I loved heading out on Christmas Eve for shopping! Buying those last minute things, because my family gets together and exchanges gifts on Christmas Eve. It’s always been a little tradition. Family presents on Christmas Eve, and then Santa came in the morning! It was always so busy and chaotic shopping on Christmas Eve though! That’s why I loved it! Usually I had all the presents already bought for my family members, but I would go out and buy our dog some presents. Usually some tennis balls, and a bone or something she could eat. 🙂

Anyways, this Friday we continue on with “Christmas Is In The Air”! If you love one of the pictures – go ahead and click them and it will take you directly to the listing on Etsy! (It will open up in a new window.)

If you missed last week’s featured sellers – check them out here! 

And on to this week’s featured sellers!

Opened on Oct 1, 2007
England, UK, Great Britain, Europe, EU, Wolverhampton

Hi I’m Kim and I’m the designer of the jewelry you will find in my shop!

I have always loved beads! When I was about 6 years old my Grandad gave me a huge bag of beadies, I walked home through the park with my Mum happily hugging my beads when a huge dog bounded at me, my beads flew one way as I ran the other! My beads are still buried beneath the colourful flowerbeds to this day.

Many holidays were spent in my grandparents award winning garden and every day was spent crafting with my Nan who taught me how to make something out of anything.

It was my sister who led me down the beady path. Originally I thought it was far too fiddly for me and just bought beads because I loved them to look at. I still have beads now that I can’t part with 🙂

I have loved etsy since I started here and have worked hard to make it grow. My hubby and boys have supported me all the way and I am ever grateful to my amazing customers who keep returning and giving me the opportunity and desire to keep beading! My love of custom bridal orders has increased and it’s a pleasure to be part of a brides special day.

My Mum now works with me helping with my packaging and now I realise where my love of beads has truly come from!

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Opened on May 5, 2008
Los Angeles, CA

RETRO APRONS and KIDS dresses are my passion!! I love the vintage aprons and clothes from the 50s. I love to interpet vintage aprons into my own unique styles.
I taught myself to sew by the age of five. After high school I earned my degree in Fashion Design. I worked in the Fashion Industry for ten years before opening my shop on Etsy.
I collect vintage aprons, vintage textiles, vintage girls dresses and toys from the 50’s.
My Etsy shop offers retro aprons and fun little girl dresses.

Store Special: ONE LOW SHIPPING PRICE of $4.99 !!!!! I only charge $4.99 for shipping the 1st item, everything else will ship for free at no additional charge:) So no matter how many items you order in 1 transaction you will only pay a total of $4.99 for shipping. So stock up and save!! Items must be purchased in the same transaction and shipped to US or Canada addresses.

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Opened on Jul 12, 2009
Georgetown, TX

We started this business as a 2 person team. We are both graphic designers with experience in graphic field for more than 10 years.

Me and my husband are graphic designers, we both share great interest in graphic design. After graduated from the same college, we venture into graphic field, creating commercial graphics for our customer. We have designed environmental graphics for most of our customer and received good feedback for our work. So now at etsy we are selling our design which you can apply on wall to create unique and interesting environment.

NouWall is what we call our shop, we can design and custom your wall into an art piece with reasonable cost.

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Opened on Aug 1, 2011
Kalispell, Montana

The Montana Homestead Emporium is family-owned and operated in beautiful Kalispell, Montana. We are surrounded by mountains and open wilderness, and only a short drive from the spectacular Glacier National Park. We are blessed to live in such an amazing part of this great country, and are thankful everyday for the life we have. We run our small family business on an old homestead property outside of Kalispell, Montana. And even though all the old buildings are long gone, we are determined to rebuild the property into the working Homestead that it once was. We raise our own pigs, and chickens, we grow our own fruits and vegetables, and many of the herbs and flowers used in our products are grown in our own Homestead gardens. We are currently building a cabin on the property that will one day serve as our retail outlet for all our candles, tarts, and other gifts.

Find The Montana Homestead Emporium on: Their Webstore * Facebook 

Opened on Sep 4, 2012
Chesterfield, MO

I started Giggle Poo in September of this year. I was let go from job unexpectedly at 8 and 1/2 months pregnant. I now have an 8 month old most amazing Little Dude. I never knew I would love Motherhood so much. My Grandmother had taught me quilt and sew by hand at as a very young girl. I enjoyed, however never sewed again in adulthood, except for an occasional button.

I have a degree in International Business, so I think I surprised everyone when I bought my first sewing machine and started creating baby items. And wow, can I tell you how much easier and faster it is to sew with a machine versus by hand.

Giggle Poo stands for Everything Baby From Giggles to Poo and the Moments in Between. I currently make Baby Leg Warmers, Baby Blankets, Lovies and Breastfeeding Bracelets, however I have a whole stack of patterns just waiting to be used. I would like to eventually start adding more clothing. I appreciate each purchase from my shop, as it affords me another moment at home with my sweet little guy.

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Opened on May 2, 2012
San Tan Valley, Arizona

MuttyPawCollars is a small handmade shop that specializes in making Dog Collar and Dog Leashes. My Shop came about when I was shopping at a huge Pet Department Store in town. I was trying to find an adorable collar and leash for my new puppy Nilla, a Chihuahua/Pug mix, but all I really saw were plain and boring designed collars and leashes that were completely over priced. I went home very disappointed and started searching online to see if I could find something better. After some research, the idea of making a collar and leash for Nilla came about. After a lot of shopping, sewing, and trial and error I created a dog collar. I will admit it was not the best looking collar and it definitely did not look like the ones I sell in my shop, but I made it and because of that I thought it was the best! I started making collars for my friends and family and eventually opened up my shop on Etsy. Now, I can proudly say that my collars look so much better than that first collar I made. It brings me great joy to see how much people love them! 🙂

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DECEMBER COUPON CODE: HAPPYHOLIDAYZ – Receive 20% off in December! 

Opened on Oct 8, 2010
Knoxville, Tennessee

My name is Melissa. I have been creating all my life. Whether from Lego’s as a small child, playing around with cloths design in grade school, to learning about the different types of art mediums in a middle school art class, or to my college years where I had formal training in fine arts. Basically, if something has a way to express my creativity I probably have tried it and loved it!

I have had an Etsy shop for two years now but I am just now starting to try and really get going. My mom is about to retire and I need the extra money to help her when she goes on SSI.

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DECEMBER SPECIAL: Buy 2 prints, Get 1 free! 

Opened on Mar 25, 2011

Hello from The North Way Studio! We already have a dusting of fresh, fluffy snow here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so there’s nothing better than sitting down with a hot mug of coffee and fondling some gemstones!

For the Holidays, I’ve really been trying to focus on bright jewel tones with a lot of color saturation against the metal. Rich Cranberry, Cobalt and shimmering Emerald have been my personal favorites for the season—they’re just radiant for really any occasion and look stunning against a snowy backdrop!

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Opened on Jul 16, 2011
Klamath Falls, OR

I’ve been making jewelry as a hobby and sewing since I was a little girl. I wear my jewelry and give it as gifts, but now I think I have gone beyond those limits. I love making all kinds of jewelry, but didn’t have an outlet for them. I love putting together all the different combinations of colors and textures. Each new combination just leads me to more new and different ones.
My grandfather taught me about the love of beading and my grandmother & great-grandmother instilled a love of sewing in me. I have been making clothing since I was in high school; too long ago to talk about.
I have decided that if I am going to continue doing the things I love so much, I have to find an outlet to help support my habit 🙂 After being disillusioned with eBay, I found this wonderful sight. I hope you love these as much as I do.
I love to do customized brides/bridesmaids. I can make coordinating bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, anklets, etc. based on your color scheme and style. I could alter the style within the same color scheme, or keep them all the same.

Find Pizzelwaddels on: Her Website * Facebook

Opened on Jan 7, 2012
Kenmore, WA

I will say, my earring and jewelry organizer is unique. I submitted for a patent last year. I am the only one that makes these…
I am a stay at home mom at this time. I was a art teacher, and then an interior designer for years. The two passions collided to make the MEO. I have 2 boys, one leaving for college next year, the younger one will be leaving in 3 years… I am excited for them, but the selfish side if me will miss them terribly!
I do not do sales, because I want to give the best price possible for any occasion… At anytime…
I DO donate a portion of the proceeds to Hopelink, a local food bank. It is important to me to leave the world a better place…

Find MEObyMary on: Facebook * Twitter

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If you’ve missed out on the past Feature Fridays – Check them out here!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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