The Twelve Days of Christmas! – The Eleventh Day

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas
My True Love Sent To Me
Eleven Pipers Piping
Pipers Piping Charm by vintagecalif

Vintage Pied Piper by BettyJanesTreasures
Pied Piper Nursery Rhyme Silhouette Wall Decor by BlueBaboon
Eleven Pipers Piping Thimble by CairngormThimbles
Dale Burdett: A Christmas cross stitch kit by WithLoveGift
Small Sterling Silver Bagpiper Charm by jewelbecharmed
Pepsi Glass by TheDearestDollhouse
Bagpiper Stickers by retrofish
1980 HAVILLAND Limoges Noel decorative Christmas plate by oberdes
Mid Century CERAMANO Wall Plaque by CulturalAffaires
Vintage Painting on Foil by elansolete

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