Feature Friday – Christmas Is In The Air!

Well, it is officially the first Friday in December – so of course, I wanted to do a Christmas Feature! I will be running “Christmas Is In The Air!” for 2 more weeks as well, but the 3rd week, being so close to Christmas, will be printables you can print right at home! With Christmas just around the corner, I hope you enjoy checking out some of these great shops that offer some great Christmas items!! And if you love one of the pictures – go ahead and click them and it will take you directly to the listing on Etsy! (It will open up in a new window.)

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And on to our Featured Sellers this week!

Opened on Sep 8, 2009
NEW ORLEANS, United States
Skip N’ Whistle is piloted by Chris & Anne, a design duo living in the cultural melting pot of New Orleans. They have a passion for designing new t-shirts, pillows and messenger bags for the world to enjoy. Each item they sell is individually hand printed on a 6-color manual screen printing press and has been done this way for over 12 years.
The creativity and magic happens in their shop located on historic Oak Street in Uptown New Orleans. They design all of their screen prints to have both the look and feel of vintage graphics. “We’re like t-shirt archeologists, digging through old books and flea markets in search of inspiration. We love the 19th century, and winning at trivial pursuit. Our t-shirts help get the conversation started with people you actually want to talk to.” They are regularly inspired by antique woodcuts from their printing collection, books and more.
They print most of their screen print designs on American Apparel fabric. This means that the garments are guaranteed to be soft, comfy and made in America.
Skip N’ Whistle’s t-shirt designs can be found in awesome boutiques all over the U.S and even some as far away as Tokyo, Japan! WOOT! If you are interested in carrying their line in your store, please check out the website: www.skipnwhistle.com.
How did the couple come up with the name Skip N’ Whistle?
It’s sort of a mantra for them. When things get tough, it’s what they do. Skip N’ Whistle, it’s good for you! “We’ve been designing and printing t-shirts for the last 12 years and LOVE IT,” said Chris Reams, owner and designer. “We’ve met the greatest people from every corner of the globe and are happy to be making a living doing what we love.”

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Opened on Feb 17, 2012
Europe – Greece

~Jirji’s Little Questionnaire~

Do you enjoy vintage treasure-hunting??
Are you totally addicted to the sweetness of 80s?
Do you admire creative projects of wearable art?

Did you just say yes…?

Welcome to JirJiMirji’s!
For all art & vintage lovers out there!

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Opened on Apr 24, 2009
Pinconning, MI

T&K Country Treasures – Doll Clothes for Play or Display!

I love to design and make all styles and sizes of doll clothes.

I have been sewing since the day I was able to pick up a needle, everything from blankets and pillow cases, Barbie and other Doll clothes, to helping sew puppets for my mom, Margie Gillman of Puppets by Margie.
My first experience with designing doll clothes was when I was very young and my little sister got a Pillsbury dough girl. She wanted clothes for it, so for her birthday I found a cardboard oatmeal container and filled it with doll clothes I made from my mom’s material stash. I have loved designing and making doll clothes ever since.

Now, many years, a husband and 4 children later, I still love crafting and found the internet to be a great way to market my items.

I love all kinds of crafts so you might see some crocheting, knitting and needle work included with some of my doll clothes.

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Opened on Oct 11, 2012
Leavenworth, WA

The Gingerbread Factory is a local staple in the beautiful Bavarian-styled village of Leavenworth in Washington State — about 3 hours northeast of Seattle. Our town was voted one of the top 5 best Christmas towns in the country and we were featured on HGTV and Good Morning America. We’ve been baking and building gingerbread houses since 1988, and we ship them all over the country. We are new to Etsy and would really love to reach more people!! You can buy gingerbread houses from just about anywhere like Wal-mart or your local grocery store but those tend to taste like cardboard! Plus, they are made months in advance. Our gingerbread houses are made to order and baked fresh only days before they are shipped to you! Our gingerbread is thick and soft and the entire house is edible! We sell fully decorated houses, fully-assembled undecorated houses. and do-it-yourself kits!

The Gingerbread Factory can be found on: Facebook * Website

Opened on Apr 11, 2011
South Whitley, IN

Hi, I’m Laurie from Laurie’s Gifts on Etsy. My love affair with sewing and designing began when my first daughter was born 22 years ago. As a stay-at-home mom, I couldn’t always afford the really fancy, upscale clothing I wanted to dress her in– but I could and did teach myself to make those beautiful things for her… and I still love to make beautiful things!

I’ve been a professional seamstress for more than 16 years. I had the pleasure of sewing for a children’s clothing designer for the first 6 years of my career– beginning when my oldest daughter started kindergarten. I loved to be able to do something creative that I LOVED, while also being able to stay home with my daughters. Most recently I was recruited to work as a design consultant for Terracycle (designing totes, bags, purses, etc. from recycled chip/candy/wrapper materials) in 2008. Through it all, I’ve also been running my own little online boutique “Laurie’s Gifts”, which opened in 2005. I was slow to join the Etsy community, but I’ve been here a little over a year now– and I don’t know why I waited so long! I’ve met so many nice people here!

My love of sewing and designing has led me down several paths in this career of mine. I started out making all kinds of purses, and I did that exclusively for about 5 years. My most recent adventure in my shop has been the introduction of my new line of aprons. It started with just one little apron that I made for my daughter when she decided she wanted to go to school to become a Pastry Chef. I had so much fun making her apron, that I just couldn’t stop at one! Now (3 years later) the popularity of my aprons has eclipsed my purses in both of my shops.

And I still wake up every morning excited to sew something new!

LAURIE’S GIFTS ON THE WEB: Website * Facebook * Pinterest * Blog

Opened on Jun 25, 2011
Kelowna, British Columbia

Anne Schneider is a quilt maker who launched her Good Wishes Quilts shop in 2011. She sells quilted textile products for kids in her Etsy shop at www.goodwishesquilts.etsy.com .

Anne works in her quilt studio in West Kelowna, BC, with a pretty view of horse fields and the mountains. Her textile products have appeared in: Style at Home magazine, Quilty magazine, Cool Mom Picks, LilSugar, Etsy Finds, Sweet Spot, Babyology, and more. They can be purchased through her Etsy website.

Opened on Feb 25, 2011
Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada

I’m a grandma and live with my daughter and her family. I supplement my income with my art. I started needle felting last year around August. I’m really enjoying it. I hope to develop it into a real online business.

Opened on Nov 30, 2011
San Marcos, TX

I started my business just over a year ago with no idea on what to expect. I’ve made banners in the past, but mostly for friends who continued to suggest that I start selling these people would enjoy them! So, I decided to try it out and here I am! I love what I do. I love creating new. And I spend most of my free time in the craft room. Although I’m not there, I’m hoping to one day be able to craft as my full time job!

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Opened on Mar 3, 2010
Richmond, VA

I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. It’s a beautiful city with many wonderful museums, galleries, concert halls and parks. When I was a kid my parents would frequently take me to a museum or a park on weekends. I grew up enjoying art, sculpture and beautiful landscaping in and around Moscow.

I was born and raised in one country and later moved to a different one. When people travel a lot and change their places of habitat they gain new experiences, find new friends and discover new opportunities. They, however, miss out too. People loose ties with their own culture and turn into something like “citizens of the world”. No country is their own country and they are truly happy only on a plane in between countries.

As far as inspiration is concerned nature inspires me a lot. Every time I’m on my way somewhere walking in my neighborhood or taking a stroll in a part I notice shapes of leaves and flowers,
colors of trees and sky. It all gives ideas that I later incorporate into my work. I read books on art and architecture.

Every year I go back to Russia and these trips offer great opportunities to see and experience something new. I’m a visual person and it’s more important for me to see rather than to hear or to touch.

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Opened on May 31, 2011

By day, I’m a database administrator for a local non-profit. I have a passion for jewelry and enjoy working with my hands and being creative. When I’m not spending time at a computer, I hunt for unique new and vintage jewelry or craf unique jewelry pieces of my own.

I am a HUGE Disney nut. It can be hard to find unique, cool, quality park themed treasures so I started to make my own. In 2011, after some gentle nudging of friends and family, I opened my shop so that I could spread the magic a little farther. 🙂

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If you’ve missed out on the past Feature Fridays – Check them out here!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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